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Success Stories

Dorothy's Story

Dot pictured with her 17-year-old daughter Danielle

Dorothy Meigel went out car shopping near her home in Yorba Linda, California. As she sat behind the wheel of a luxury car, she fingered the controls, checked out the CD player, ran her hands along the plush leather seats, and thought about how much she wanted to own that car. But knowing that the timing wasn't right, rather than saying, "I'll take it," she took a picture of the car instead. That photo went into her personal goal book alongside a photo of a beach house she's had her eye on.

Today, Dorothy, has her dream car and more. She was afraid she'd never make a sale, and 10 years into Leadership, she had earned more than $1 million. With Total Unit Sales of more than $8.5 million, the Senior Executive Leader has generated Leadership bonuses of $220,000. The key: Dorothy builds good relationships with her Representatives and believes in every one of them. "I find out what their individual goals are and encourage them to dream and make those dreams come true," she says. She returns again and again to the importance of goal setting. And she reminds other Representatives that they must work at their Avon business every day. Says Dorothy, "making even one phone call each day keeps the momentum going."

Linda's Story

Linda Wimbish, a native of Phoenix, Arizona, says she sometimes feels like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. "There's no place like Avon," she says. "Everything is laid out for us. If you follow the Yellow Brick Road, you can't help but be successful." Linda, 45, is clearly on the right path.

Linda and her husband pictured with members of her downline

Since launching her Avon business in December 2002, the Senior Executive Unit Leader's Downline has grown to 327 members. In 2004, her Leadership Bonuses totaled $4,400 and her Total Unit Sales added up to more than $500,000. But despite her tremendous success-all in less than two years- Linda says her story is not a fairy tale. "This business is a lot of hard work. But in the end, it's all worth it."

Linda and her husband recently opened an Avon Training Center in the heart of Phoenix. When Linda is not recruiting, she's at the Center training new Recruits. "Sometimes I'll have one of those wow moments and think, you know, we're actually changing people's lives." For Linda, that's the beauty of Leadership. "Sales is about earning immediate money, but Leadership is about building a future," she says. "We're in this for the long term."

Tami's Story

Tami Duncan became an Avon Representative so that she could buy products at a discount. Then she learned about the awesome career opportunities that Avon had to offer-and her business took off.

Tami pictured with her husband on their boat

When the Corona, California launched her Avon business in March 2003, she didn't tell her family. "For years, my mother worked for Amway and I didn't want her to know," explains Tami, 32. "And there's always the fear factor-what would everyone say if things didn't work out?" Well she didn't worry for long. Today, she oversees a Downline of 80, and serves about 200 Customers. Plus, her Unit Sales are climbing-averaging $35,000 per campaign-and Tami's family couldn't be prouder of her success.

"I'm very aggressive about finding Customers and Recruits myself rather than waiting for them to find me," says Tami. She attends a lot of job fairs and her strategy has earned her as much as $1,500 in extra sales and two to three new Recruits in just one campaign. Says Tami, "my mother always told me, you can do anything you set your mind to," she says. "If you decide you are going to be successful, you will make it happen."

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